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History & Geography

History & Geography

In the primary years it is important that learning is based on first hand experiences to promote understanding of ideas that will be developed using a variety of secondary sources. History and Geography skills are taught through our creative curriculum approach towards learning and pupils are encouraged to select and plan their own topics to learn based on their interests. We aim to encourage, promote and develop a child’s sense of time, an awareness of change, within and beyond their own living memory, appreciate the world they live in, climates, physical features, people and their culture.  They need to know that what happens in the world has an impact on their own lives.

We encourage pupils’ ability to question and so develop their concepts of:

  • Attitudes, values and issues
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Process and systems
  • Location and place


Through teaching History creatively we aim to inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past which will enable them to gain an understanding of:

  • The complexity of people’s lives,
  • The process of change
  • The diversity of societies and relationships between different groups
  • Their own identity and the challenges of their time

Historical questions such as: ‘When did this event happen?’, ‘What caused this event?’ ‘How was life different from today?’ ‘How was it the same?’ are asked by pupils.


Through the study of Geography pupils are taught:

  • locational knowledge
  • human and physical geography
  • fieldwork skills

Geography is often associated with historical studies because key questions such as, Why was this castle built on this site?, involve consideration about place as well as time.