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Google Classroom...nearly live!

Google have been inundated by schools wanting to set up Google Classroom, so there is a slight delay on us getting our page up and running.  We are hoping to have this complete in the next few days.

Last week staff and children had initial training on the Google Classroom.  We will be sending home children's login details as soon as the new site is ready. 

If you have not already sent your child’s permission in, please do this asap.  We are hoping that our website is now working correctly and parents can both access it and use the online form, available here:

When live, the children’s account details will be sent home with the children, but the children’s accounts will follow the format- cohort number, first name, first letter of surname e.g

Please note that we have purchased a new domain name specifically for this purpose, and so all of the children’s accounts will use the format