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Google Suite and Google Classroom

Due to the possible disruption that may be caused by Coronavirus, we are fast tracking our planned introduction of Google Suite and Google Classroom for Key Stage 2 children. This will give us the chance to enable children to access learning from home digitally. Google Suite for Education is a package used by many schools locally and globally. It has great functionality and potential. We have thoroughly risk assessed it and have strict rules in place about how we will use it. These include:
- Not using gmail.
- Not adding any sensitive data
- Monitoring access and use.
- Only uploading group photos containing children where permission has been granted.
- Only using individual/small group photos taken from the shoulders down/backs of heads.
- No video will be added.
- Teachers will have access to children's files and drive.

We need to ask your express permission before we can give your child access. We will only be uploading the following personal data:
- Your child's first name and surname (they will have their own username and password).
- Large group photos of your child, if permission is already granted
- Non-identifiable photos
- Audio (occasionally)

I give permission for my child's data as listed above to be uploaded to G-Suite
I give permission for my child to have access to G-Suite for Education
Please select your child's class*

Devices your child uses at home with internet access

This will help us to give you support in how your child will access G-Suite

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