Clubs & Activities

Enrichment Opportunities at La Moye

We believe in developing the whole child as well as providing new opportunities to expand their horizons. Our Clubs and Activities offer is very wide, it is open to all and includes the Arts, Sports, Well Being and IT. It even includes African Drumming! We are always looking for ways to make learning irresistible...

Clubs are offered after school each week on a voluntary basis by staff at the school. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis as numbers are limited for these clubs. They are free of charge unless there is a specific extra cost for materials etc. Some clubs are by invitation because they offer particular opportunities for particular children although the vast majority are open to all. A number of clubs run at lunch time too.

Breakfast Club is run as a separate entity and is open to all children. There is a daily charge for this to cover costs.

Our offering changes termly so please see below for details of this term's clubs.