Special Educational Needs (SEND)

La Moye is a mainstream school with an inclusive provision in mainstream classrooms as well as specialist teaching and support for children with Special Educational Needs.

We have high expectations of all our children. We aim to work on the removal of barriers to learning and participation. We want all our children to feel that they are a valued part of our school community. Through appropriate curricular provision, we respect the fact that children:

  • have different educational and behavioural needs and aspirations;
  • require different strategies for learning; acquire,
  • assimilate and communicate information at different rates;
  • need a range of different teaching approaches and experiences.

The SENCO in our school is  Deputy Head  Mrs P. Nanda

  • manage the day-to-day operation of the policy; maintain a register of SEN and children with other needs;
  • regularly review the teaching arrangements for these particular children;
  • monitor their progress through termly analysis of data;
  • have regular discussions with teachers;
  • co-ordinate the provision for children’s special needs;
  • support and advise colleagues;
  • oversee the records of all children with special educational needs;
  • act as the link with parents and carers; act as the link with external agencies and other support agencies; 
  • monitor and evaluate the special educational needs provision, and reports to the governing body;
  • Manage a range of resources, both human and material, to enable appropriate provision to be made for children with special educational needs in conjunction with the Head and Deputy Head.

States of Jersey support;

Support for children with special educational needs

Special Educational Needs Policy