How well are we doing?

The school is monitored closely by the Department for Education (Jersey) through the submission of data as well as through a Professional Partner who visits the school regularly to quality assure its work.

Evidence of self-evaluation is quality assured by the Professional Partner and regular reports are produced. These are shared with the Director of Education and the Minister for Education. Please find attached details from our latest Annual Report below. I have included some headlines:

"In Year 2 in 2015-16, more than 90% of pupils were working within the expectations for the year group by the end of the year, with a much higher proportion of pupils judged to have Secure attainment than the island average"

"In Year 6, where teacher assessments were in line with the outcomes from the school’s pilot of the end of Key Stage 2 tests, reported data showed higher attainment than the Island averages, particularly at the Secure level.   59% of pupils attained Secure in all three areas.   In respect of comparisons with averages in England, higher percentages of La Moye pupils were assessed as Secure in reading, mathematics and spelling, punctuation and grammar than reached age related expectations in England"

"Over the past year, the PP has seen at first-hand how well pupils respond to the high expectations for their achievement and personal development and how much they enjoy being at school. Attendance and punctuality are generally good and very well-managed"

"Behaviour is also well-managed, with a stepped process in place and with detailed records kept of any incidents which do arise and of the support provided for those pupils with particular challenges.   Undoubtedly, the generally high quality of teaching in the school promotes positive behaviour"

"All members of the school community play a full and active part in safeguarding, whilst pupils are already supported in understanding the issues through curriculum topics"

"The importance of maintaining good communication with parents is clearly understood and the new school website will contribute to this, as does the “soft start” to the school day, which was introduced last term and which allows parents to come into the classrooms with the children each day and raise minor concerns with staff if they arise"

"The fact that La Moye staff are so often viewed as appointable to more senior posts elsewhere suggests that the development they receive is of the best quality"

"As outcomes would suggest, teaching and learning at La Moye are generally of very high quality.   Performance is continually monitored using a variety of approaches and there is a constant focus on improvement"

"La Moye continues to be a very successful school under Jacqueline’s robust leadership, with staff and pupils benefiting from the high expectations and tight structures which are in place"